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Gallery news and updates: Video art tour set for September

By: Dan Click
for Carter County Times

The Grayson Gallery & Art Center, Inc. (GGAC) has been presenting virtual art shows on Facebook since March, 2020 due to the restrictions imposed during the COVID 19 crisis. The August show, “How Does Your Garden Grow?” was inspired by prior plans to host a real-time garden tour in the area. Since it was obvious to nearly anyone who was out and about that the local landscaping, flower and vegetable gardens, and more, were spectacular this year – perhaps a result of “extra” time at home – they really needed to be shared. Over a dozen gardeners sent nearly 50 photographs of their creations and many were new contributors to the GGAC. Almost as many locations, cities and counties were represented as well. 

As the Grayson Gallery continues to work towards new and different ways of presenting the arts, a special event is set for F!nal Fr!day, September 25, 2020. Artists are invited to submit work – physically – by dropping off art on two dates: Saturday, September 12 and/or Monday, September 14 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the gallery, located at 301 East Third Street in Grayson. There is no entry fee (donations are always appreciated) and work may include any subject, any medium and up to three pieces per artist. Several stations will be set up in the gallery’s main space to receive art and complete paperwork, all while maintaining social distancing and all current guidelines. Once the pieces are set up for display, a video recording will be created and shared via Facebook as well as other means and released after 6 p.m. on September 25. Awards for People’s Choice, the GGAC Board Choice and the Brandon Click Memorial Award, each at $50, will be given. This will be a new direction for the GGAC and recent involvement in Zoom calls (via the “What’s Next EKY” networking efforts) as well as online training has resulted in alternative methods for which the arts may be supported in these uncertain times. 

Art classes have also resumed at the GGAC by artist/educator Valerie Everman. Private lessons are available for youth for a small fee on varying dates and times. Contact Valerie via her Facebook page or by the main gallery email shown below. In addition, musician Don Rigsby, well-known regionally for his bluegrass expertise and talent, plans to start offering his music lessons again soon and may be contacted directly to register for classes at: (606)776-5894 or look for him on Facebook. 

An unrestricted grant award of $1,000 by the Humana COVID-19 Relief Fund of Foundation for the Tri-State Community, Inc. – for which the GGAC was chosen, among other Carter county non-profits – was presented to the GGAC by Mary Witten Wiseman at the end of July. This timely funding will be put to good use as the gallery adapts to new and different ways of sharing arts and programs. Plans are underway to purchase audio-visual equipment to enable more live streaming as well as pre-recorded art shows and music events to share with the public. 

Pam and Francis Nash of Grayson recently delivered an Eastern Kentucky Railway display to the gallery and it has been set up and is currently on exhibit. The model, constructed by the late Tom Gemeinhart of Carter County, includes the former Grayson Depot, including photographs of the location as it was in the past (it occupied the area where the Grayson Gallery is located), as well as found tools and a board from the original construction. 

The Creative Exchange box is available on the Third Street side of the building and donations of art supplies for those in need are requested. The Public Art Chalkboard at the rear of the building will remain through the end of the year. Volunteers are also encouraged to contact the gallery to donate their time manning the space when possible. 

Contact Dan Click, director, for information, at graysongallery@gmail.com



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