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Unmarked grave discovered

Staff Report
Carter County Times

Delores Hale Sarpas has discovered the location of what she believes to be an unmarked grave, for Lucinda Hale Rose, in the Hale Cemetery on Smith Run Road. Sarpas said she was doing genealogy work when she came across the death certificate for Lucinda along with other documents that indicated both she and her husband were to be buried in the cemetery. Based on the descriptions of the plot, and the other family members Rose was to be buried near, Sarpas said she believes she is buried between the graves of Tom Hale and Lawrence Sarpas. She said she is asking the cemetery to close the area between those graves, a plot that is two feet to either side of the two marked graves in question, all the way to the road, to avoid accidentally desecrating the unmarked grave with a future burial.

Sarpas said any descendants of Rose who would like copies of the documentation she has found can write to her at Delores Hale Sarpas, 6022 Spring Crest Drive, Georgetown, Indiana, 47122.



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