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Poetry Society announces annual contest winners

 The Carter County Poetry Society announced the winners of their annual poetry contest in an online poetry reading event via Zoom teleconference last week. First place winners, who took home cash prizes, included:

  • Sandy Litteral, Private Bouquet, in the Grand Prix category
  • Von S. Bourland, What a Catch, in the Prose Poem category
  • Von S. Bourland, Tortoise, in the Pleiades category
  • Sandy Litteral, Listen to the Mockingbird, in the KY/Appalachian category
  • Von S. Bourland, Overwhelmed, in the Rondeau category
  • Joan Terry, A Fellow Called Ricky in the Limerick category
  • Von S. Bourland, My People Have Committed Two Sins, in the Spiritual/Inspirational category
  • Amy Richardson, Extinction, in the Free Verse category
  • Phillip Litteral, Hattie Marie, in the Ballad category
  • Janet Maddix, Topiary Circle of Love, in the Personification category
  • Charles Deuser, I’m 90, Yuck, in the Poet’s Choice category
  • Phillip Litteral, BFF, in the Braxton Barker poems for children category
  • Sandy Litteral, Mom’s Tomatoes, in the Haiku or Short Poem category
  • Layla Boone Litteral, The Last of My Kind, in the Young Writers category 

Sponsors for the annual poetry contest included Angela Barker Thomas, judge and sponsor; Grand Prix category: Coffee Tree Books; Prose Poem category: Lorie Zientara; Pleiades category: June’s Beauty Shop; KY or Appalachian Theme category: Neal Salyers; Rondeau category: Kathryn Finley; Limerick category: Kiser’s Klassic Kars; Spiritual / Inspirational category: Jackie Brant; Free Verse category: Flowers by Jeannie and Lavender Blooms, Phyllis Sturgill; Ballad, Traditional or Modern: Camila Haney; Personification category: Robert Caummisar; Poet’s Choice category: Carol Mauriello; Braxton Barker poems for children category: Angela Barker Thomas; Haiku or Short Poem category: Laura Eklund; Young Writers category: Globe Hardwood. 

Other sponsors included the Grayson Rotary Club, Melinda Woods-Click for the Grayson Gallery and Arts Center, and Charles Deuser. 



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