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Summertime, and the flavor is pleasing

Goose Bridle’s new limited edition roast is not to be missed

By Jeremy D. Wells

Carter County Times

Colombian coffee is one of America’s favorite varietals. The medium acidity and nutty undertones of the South American sourced coffee beans support a natural sweetness, without the floral and fruit notes that characterize other naturally sweet coffees such as Africa’s Ethiopian Yirgacheffe or Tanzanian Peaberry. The low to medium acidity of Colombian beans also lend them a smoothness that makes them the go-to choice of many American roasters and coffee drinkers. 

So, when Goose Bridle Coffee’s Will Stevens got the chance to get his hands on some Colombian beans, through a new relationship with a new supplier, he was eager to see what he could do with them. The result is the roaster’s newest product, the limited edition Summertime Supremo. 

“My other (roasts are) exclusively Guatemalan,” the Grayson based coffee roaster explained. Those other coffees include the dark roast Boilermaker Bold, the medium roast Miner’s Medium, and the medium/dark roast Old Number 7 – the last of which is distributed exclusively through the Drive-In and Henri’s restaurants in Olive Hill. 

Stevens has no intention of moving away from those Guatemalan beans either. The dark, bittersweet chocolate richness of Boilermaker Bold and the smooth, spice and toffee notes of the Miner’s Medium have proved themselves favorites of Goose Bridle drinkers. But for those craving something different, the bold but smooth character of Summertime Supremo is worth checking out. 

These Colombian beans brew a bold cup, with rich caramel notes that linger on the back and sides of the tongue, enticing you to savor each swallow. The aroma, too, is rich and heady, perfect for getting you up and motivated in the morning, or for relaxing and taking your time with on a lazy weekend morning while the cup gently warms your hands. 

“I think it’s a universal pleaser,” Stevens said. 

But, if you want to try the Summertime Supremo roast, you better not wait too long. The roast is a limited edition for a reason. Stevens said he only plans to keep it “around until it’s gone,” and he only has about 250 pounds of the green coffee beans left. 

You can order the coffee online at http://www.goosebridlecoffeeroasters.com, or pick it up directly from Stevens at his home roasting site. The roast is also available as part of Goose Bridle’s new subscription service, which coffee drinkers can also sign-up for online. With the subscription service coffee drinkers can choose to receive one, two, or four bags a month of freshly roasted beans of their choice. Subscribers who choose the one or two pound options will receive one shipment a month of the coffee beans of their choice. Those who choose the four pound option will have two one-pound bags sent to their home every two weeks, guaranteeing they will receive some of the freshest coffee available in eastern Kentucky. 

Stevens also offers a special deal to local coffee drinkers who want to pick up their beans themselves in Grayson. “For anybody local, I’ll usually kick in an extra half pound, or work out a cost adjustment,” he said. 

If you’ve never had freshly roasted coffee before, you are in for a definite treat with Goose Bridle, no matter what variety you choose. You’ll find that the flavors far exceed any other commercially produced bulk coffee offerings available in your grocery store; even from the “gourmet” boutique roasters. If you love your morning cup of joe, you owe it to yourself to give these locally roasted beans a try. 

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Will Stevens, of Goose Bridle Coffee Roasters, talks about his new limited-edition summer roast, Summertime Supremo. While Goose Bridle’s other roasts feature beans from Guatemala, the new roast is made with beans from Colombia for a bold, yet smooth, flavor profile in a medium roast. (Photo by Jeremy D. Wells, Carter County Times)


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