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 A library makeover:  Organizational changes come to Olive Hill branch

By: Jeremy D. Wells
Carter County Times

 If you haven’t been to the Olive Hill branch of the Carter County Public Library in a while, you might want to pay a visit. The branch has gotten a lot of new books, it’s undergoing some reorganization, and it’s gotten a visual makeover. 

“There was nothing wrong with the way it was,” explained library aide Rei Parsons. “But our thinking was, ‘Let’s move things around, make it look fresh.’”

That included a reorganization of books, partly to make room for some of the multiple donations the library has received through their book drive and partly to make the organization more intuitive. 

Large print books are now on a shelf closest to the librarian station. Other books are organized along the same wall by genre, like westerns, romances, fantasy and science fiction, young adult, and graphic novels. The young adult section continues around the corner to the new reading nook. 

That space features a few overstuffed chairs near the window – the perfect place to curl up in a sunbeam with a good book. 

“It’s really comfy,” Parsons said of the space, which will also feature a laptop station in the near future. Though the library has computers available to work with, she said, sometimes people bring their own computers to work on. This station will give them a place to sit up their computer and plug in while working. 

She said all juvenile books have now been moved into the kid’s room as well, and that graphic novels will eventually be separated into adult, YA, and children’s titles and shelved accordingly. 

Non-fiction books are still organized by Dewey decimal system along the main wall of the library. 

The new organization has also opened up a lot of floor space. But before they begin putting in more bookshelves, Parsons said, they need to have some tests done to be sure the floor can safely bear the load. 

Mostly, she said, the changes were made for aesthetic and organization reasons, not to make more space. 

“I feel like every now and then, whatever space it is, you need to change it up,” she said. 

You can stop by and see what you think of the space Tuesday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Olive Hill branch is located at 120 Comet Drive, on the third floor of the old high school building. 

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