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Cuddly critters: Globe Farm Store hosts small animal day

By: Jeremy D. Wells
Carter County Times

If you’re looking for a new pet, a new 4-H project, or you just want to spend a portion of your day looking at cute critters without taking one home, you might want to check out the small animal trade day at Globe Farm Store this Saturday. From 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. you’ll be able to check out and, if you like, purchase rabbits, goats, pigs, and various dog breeds, as well as chickens, parakeets, and other birds and foul.

It’s something that Jennifer Owens said she and her brother, and co-owner, Roger Rayburn had been planning for shortly after they opened. Then the COVID crisis hit, and everything was delayed. But now that restrictions have been lifted, and spring has rolled around once again, Owens said they’re eager to move forward with their plans for the event.

“We planned to do it a couple of years ago, before COVID hit,” Owens said. “But, you know, then COVID hit and it kind of shut everything done.”

“We just thought it would be something good for bringing in business, and for farmers to meet farmers,” she added, explaining that she saw it as a networking event for the farmers, and a way to help them find new customers for their livestock.

Globe Farm Store won’t be selling any of the animals themselves. The animals there on Saturday will be brought in by individual breeders and farmers. So, if they sell out of the breed of chicken you were interested in, you just aren’t feeling a bond with any of the puppies they have, or you just want to feel things out and maybe make a decision later, you can always get their contact information and follow up.

“It’s different local farmers with animals that they raise,” Owens explained. “Some of them are bringing baby chicks, adult chickens, baby pigs, ducks, goats, puppies.”
Her voice rises in volume and pitch on that last one, belying her own excitement and anticipation for the wave of adorable, fluffy things that will be taking over their space this weekend.

“One guy said maybe parakeets,” she continued. “We have another vendor who builds cages, he’ll be bringing those.”

One of those enclosures might be important if you do decide to take home a rabbit or haven’t yet gotten together a coop for your chicks. Something else your new cute baby goat, pet teacup pig, or those future laying hens are going to need is food. That’s where the staff at Globe Farm Store are able to help, and are more than happy to help you pick out and take home the right feed for them.

“We’ll have all that available in here,” Owens said.

Even if you don’t plan to take home any livestock or feed, Owens and Rayburn want you to bring your kids down to see the baby animals and enjoy the day. They’ll have a food truck on site serving burgers, wraps, hot dogs, and other treats and they encourage everyone to stop in and say hello.

Globe Farm Store is located at 18554 US-60, just west of Olive Hill. For more information, call the store at (606)286-2222.

Contact the writer at editor@cartercountytimes.com



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