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ACTC diesel students train for the future of biodiesel

ASHLAND, Ky. – Eleven Diesel Technology students completed a biodiesel training/information course with the Kentucky Soybean Board in November 2022.

Cody Fraley, Lucas Hammond, Bryan Reynolds, Hunter Vance, Carter Cole, Hunter Hay, Kenton Rose, Joshua Thayer, Rader Adkins, Stanley McCarty and Daniel Stewart are all students in the first-year diesel engines course at Ashland Community and Technical College.

Through the course offered by the Kentucky Soybean Board, students learned about the process of manufacturing fuel from soybean oil and how it compares to petroleum-based fuel. Students were able to see an option for clean, renewable energy in the diesel industry and learn some of the facts and myths about biodiesel.

“The biodiesel course is a great opportunity offered only to the Diesel Technology students,” said Shannon McCarty, program coordinator. “Alternative fuels are a huge talking point today and every opportunity students have to learn more about them will be an advantage when entering the workforce. Farmers in parts of Kentucky and surrounding states rely heavily on the production of soy-based products for their livelihood. Biodiesel is one such product.”

He added, “As the industry changes, students need to be prepared for products and technology that may be around the corner. The Diesel Technology program is committed to giving students every advantage possible for their future.”For more information about the Diesel Technology program at ACTC, visit https://ashland.kctcs.edu/education-training/program-finder/diesel-technology.aspx



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