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Board discusses testing

By: Brooke Cordle
Carter County Times

The Carter County Board of Education Met in regular session on Monday night, in a meeting that focused on the topic of the county’s test scores and notices for a good start to the year. 

Superintendent Dr. Paul Green began the meeting by welcoming everybody and noting they’d had a good start to the year. He went on to say the board of education intends to place an emphasis on instructions getting out to the schools and will be getting the first glimpse of test results this coming Thursday; these test results will take a few weeks to reach the public. Dr. Green continues by saying they are very interested to see how this year’s scores compared to last year’s scores, when the studnets were under COVID quarantine. Green said information from across the state indicates that schools statewide are down significantly, however he added, “I don’t know how to take that, but we’ll be interested to see that and get into that, but we are excited to have a good start to the school year.” 

Boardmember Lisa Ramey-Easterling went on to bring up free ACT tests coming up in October for Juniors and Seniors, and efforts to ensure parents and guardians are aware. Green added that parents are being contacted d in regards to these tests so that students can take advantage of this free resource. According to one of the teachers in attendance, half of the Senior class has already signed up for this mock ACT test although it is not mandatory, and all of the Juniors will be taking this test. There was brief concern brought up for how virtual students would take this test, but another teacher went on to say that even virtual students have one mandatory in person meeting every month. 

Boardmember Chris Perry took the opportunity of a lull in the meeting to go on record stating he believes the board should recognize the extracurricular programs, teams, students, bus drivers, and employees that assisted with the flooding victims. He noted the football teams have donated gates, and FBLA collecting food among a couple of examples of Carter County Schools assisting.

“I just think that we as a board need to say good job, and recognize that,” he said. 



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