Grayson Rezones US 60: Portion near Extension will be Highway Business zone

Jeremy D. Wells
Carter County Times

 In a compromise move, the Grayson Planning and Zoning Commission will rezone a portion of land along US 60 from Residential-1 to Highway Business, but they will stop short of the home of an impacted property owner, leaving his home and the office space past him in a residential area. 

The Commission made the motion in a special meeting last Friday, following a public hearing earlier in the week. 

The property prompting the debate is the old health department building, next to the current Agriculture Extension offices. Starlene Harris explained at the public hearing, and again at the commission meeting, that the Extension Service had purchased the property with the intent to remodel the facility for meeting space and as a commercial kitchen for the canning of local produce for sale. Estimates for the work required were more than the Extension anticipated, however. 

The Dollar General organization had an option on the property though. That option is set to expire soon, and the corporation wishes to act on it before it does. If they are to build there, however, the land would need to be rezoned from a residential to a commercial or mixed-use area. 

Code Enforcement officer Duane Suttles explained at both meetings that most of the properties in the proposed area were not residential properties. While there were two residences located in the original area slated for rezoning, the other properties included city owned Little League fields, Carter County Extension Service property, the old health department property, two churches, two residences, and a CPA office. 

Suttles told city attorney Jason Greer in the September 13 hearing that he believed the rezoning would be more applicable and appropriate to the area. 

Mindy Woods-Click also addressed that issue during the zoning commission’s Friday meeting. 

“The original plan was residential,” she said. “But the new zoning is more reflective of the actual growth we’ve seen.” 

Mr. Steven Skiles, who showed up at city council and at the public hearing to express his displeasure with having his property rezoned, was satisfied with the compromise, which stops the zone change at his property line. 

Suttles explained that the new zoning map would impact 13 parcels, five belonging to the Extension, the city owned Little League fields, parcels owned by Ferrellgas, the health department building, the Church of God, and the Grayson Freewill Baptist Church, as well as two privately owned, non-residential parcels. 

Commission member Mike Harper moved, and Woods-Click seconded, a motion that rezones the property up to the Freewill Baptist property line. That leaves the two private residences and the CPA office in a residential zone. 

The commission also moved to accept the development plans for the Dollar General building. 

The city planned the first reading of an ordinance related to the zoning change in a special session scheduled for Tuesday, September 21. They will approve the zoning change on second reading at a future meeting. 

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