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Carter County primary election results

County sees decrease in number of voters

By: Amy Oakley
Carter County Times

The final primary election count for Carter City finished around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday night. Only 2,337 ballots were cast for the primary election, prompting a sad response from County Clerk Mike Johnston. Coming out of the election office in the old county courthouse, Johnston looked at the television displaying the results.

“Turn out was sad, wasn’t it?” Johnston said.

In previous elections hundreds of people across the county would come out to vote early or file for a mail-in absentee ballot. However, that was not the case this year. Only 266 people voted early last week and only 42 people filled out a mail-in ballot. Compared to previous years, this was a significant decrease in numbers.

In the race of Governor GOP Primary, Daniel Cameron was victorious in Carter County with 707 votes out of 1,515. He won with 46.67% of Republican votes. In the race of Governor Democratic Primary, Andy Beshear won by a landslide of 710 votes out of 810. Beshear had 87.65% of the county’s votes from his party.

Candidate Michael Adams won the county for Secretary of State with 61.39% of votes. Allison Ball won the county’s vote for Auditor of Public Accounts with 63.97% of votes. In the race for State Treasurer, Mark H. Metcalf won the county with 59.04% of votes.

In the Commissioner of Agriculture race, Democratic nominee Mikael Malone won the county with 57.20% of votes. The winning Republican nominee for the county was Richard Heath with 55.71% of the county’s votes.

The state’s general election will take place on Nov. 7, 2023.

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