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The Old Book Lady

By Diane Wingert

Librarian at Carter County Public Libraries

This is all new, so let me start by telling you about myself. My name is Diane, and I’m the new director of the Carter County Public Library.

I have been a teacher for years. I have taught in three states; Kentucky, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. I enjoyed it all.

Now I am at the library, which is not far from teaching, and I need your help.

I need the great communities of Carter County to voice their needs. I cannot, or should say, will not make a promise that it will all be done. I will, however, promise that I will try my best to bring it to reality.

We already have a number of activities in the works, with the library and through community groups who utilize the space and resources the library provides.

For instance, we have already made plans with a homeschool group who will be meeting at the library in Olive Hill.

We also have plans to schedule a preschool reading hour. Because, let’s face it, if we get them hooked on reading young, we have them for life.

We also plan to do an after school reading program for children getting out of school to have somewhere to go and something to do. There are plans to start two book clubs at the Olive Hill Branch as well.

We would like to start an adult book club in Olive Hill, as well as a teen book club.

For those on the east end of the county, we already have an active and lively adult book club who meet at the Grayson Branch.

To do these things, though, we need help. We need volunteers to help with some of our programs. We also need suggestions of other programs that people would like to have offered.

Without you, we are still like a book on the shelf.

So, please, take us off the bookshelf and call us with your ideas. We need you!

Olive Hill Branch (606) 286-8070 and Grayson Branch (606) 475-1528

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