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East Carter wins against Perry Central: Raiders now at three wins, one loss for season

By: Jeremy D. Wells
Carter County Times

East Carter came to play last Friday. The Raiders scored their first touchdown within four minutes of the game’s start, and kept that momentum going, ending the game against Perry County Central with a score of 40-8. 

The Raiders scored again with 4:22 left in the first quarter after Devin Carver (55) slapped down the Commodores’ kick-off at the 30 yard line and Isaac Boggs (5) carried the ball to a first down at the second yard line, helping earn East their second touchdown. With the score at 12-0, the Raiders scored on their first two-point conversion of the night, taking the score to 14-0 as the first quarter wrapped up. 

The Raiders didn’t even get two minutes into the second quarter before they scored touchdown number three on a long, breakaway run from Charlie Terry (20), taking the score to 20-0 after the Raiders failed to connect on an extra point kick. 

Midway through the second quarter Perry started to gain some momentum, but then lost significant yardage on a holding call. The Commodores didn’t let up, though, bouncing back to get within scoring position, with a first down on the 15 yard line. Quarterback Chanse McKenzie found his opening in the Raiders defense, and ran in a touchdown for Perry Central, followed by a two-point conversion from Cade Miller. But that would be the last opening East Carter would allow the Commodores to exploit. 

The Raiders would take the score to 26-8 before the half finished, on an interception and touchdown from Kanyon Kozee (13). 

In the second half the Raiders added to their lead with another pair of touchdowns and a two point conversion. 

Quarterback Quentin Johnson (1) had five completions for 66 passing yards. Terry (20) rushed for 148 yards on 13 attempts, with two rushing touchdowns scored. Dustin Hall (17) rushed for 76 yards, on two attempts, with one touchdown. Kozee (13) had 57 rushing yards. Nikk Barnett (7), had 46 yards and another pair of touchdowns for the Raiders. Boggs (5) rushed for 29 yards, Braiden Bellew (30) for 27, Braydon Kiser (9) for four, and Bryer Holbrook (24) for three. 

Cason Adams (8) had two pass receptions for 24 yards, Boggs (5) had two for 23, and Mikey Hall (21) had one for 19. 

In addition to their pair of touchdowns each, Barnett and Terry each scored one two-point conversion for the Raiders. 

On defense Rylan Yoak (4) had five tackles. Kozee and Dustin Hall (17) had four. Devin Carver (55), Bryson Kiser (56), Boggs, and Barnett had three each. Izack Messer (50), Terry, Garon Castle (53), and Connor Goodman (2) had two each. Braden Reed (77), Skyler McCormick (62), Mikey Hall (21), Cason Adams (8), Braydon Kiser (9), Jaxon Barker (6), and Bryer Holbrook (24) each had a single tackle. 

Kozee’s one interception touchdown gave the Raiders a net of 72 yards. 

East Carter’s next game is away, at Lawrence County, Friday, 7:30 p.m.

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