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Getting personal

By: Jeremy D. Wells
Carter County Times

If this particular issue had a theme, it would be “personal.” In this edition we explore personal motivations, personal passions, and personal choices – and how those personal issues can bring us closer to each other and to our communities as a whole. 

The idea that this might be “a theme” for the issue came together after leaving the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Jenkie’s Journey residential treatment center last week. All I could think about was how personal this event must have been for Cheryl Oney, the mother of Josh Jenkins, the eponymous Jenkie in Jenkie’s Journey. Bittersweet was the obvious metaphor, but that felt inadequate. 

What Oney chose to share with us, out of respect for her son’s memory and the hope that she might spare another family the heart ache she has endured, was intensely personal – the sort of thing that others might consider keeping private, and would be justified in choosing to do so. But despite this, Oney chose to open up and share. 

The motivation behind the founding of Affordable Flowers was also very personal. Rebecca didn’t just start her business because she enjoys making flower arrangements, though she does enjoy it. She did it out of a personally held conviction that people should be able to honor their lost loved ones, with a beautiful display, without going bankrupt in the process. Her belief that everyone, regardless of means, deserves to remember their family was as important to her business model as her love of flowers and floral design. 

Though we won’t be running the review for one of them until after the June 1 press embargo, we viewed a couple of new projects from Small Town Monsters over the weekend which could be described as producer and director Seth Breedlove’s most personal projects to date. In the forthcoming On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Journey Breedlove touches on the importance of friendship, camaraderie, and connection – grand themes beyond the scope of most cryptid or paranormal films – and why he and his cohorts feel drawn to the subject matter they cover. 

This paper itself is a personal labor of love. We do this not because of the paycheck (though we need to get paid to keep doing it) but because we care about the Carter County community. We care about providing accurate, timely coverage of what your city and county governments are doing. 

It’s important to us. It’s personal. Like Rebecca and Kieara and Tonya and Seth, we’re in it for the long haul. And we’re glad you’re here with us. 

Jeremy D. Wells can be reached at editor@cartercountytimes.com 



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