Letter to the Editor: 5/5/21

Dear Mr. Wells,

My husband and I drove from Louisville to Olive Hill this past weekend (Apr 30- May 2) to enjoy our first trip to Carter Caves State Park. While the scenery was stunning, we drove away Sunday most impressed with the citizens we met in Olive Hill.

Somewhere in the park, one of our tires found a lost nail. We weren’t aware of it until we’d driven down the hill into town to get some lunch. We stopped at the BP Station by the interstate, checked the air in the tires, and realized one of the rear tires was flat. We used the air pressure machine at the BP (the first one we’ve found anywhere, in two decades, that was in working order), filled the tire and limped into town. 

We stopped at the James Do It Best Hardware for advice and directions– and hit the jackpot. The nicest man and woman behind the county called Porter Tire Center, found out it would be closing in ten minutes, and asked them if they’d mind staying open until a couple from Louisville could get there. A customer overheard the call and offered to drive his car out US Hwy 60 leading us to the shop. 

Three men at Porter had the tire off, patched and back on the car in less than ten minutes. I felt like we were at a pit stop of the Indy 500! Everyone we encountered on Saturday was amazingly kind and helpful. The beauty of Carter Caves couldn’t compare to the warmth and genuine hospitality these citizens of Olive Hill showed us. And by the way, we loved the Park. 

Katie and Mike Bush
Louisville, KY

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