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Extension Notes: Livestock producers learn nuisance wildlife control options at extension workshop

By: Rebecca Konopka
Carter County Extension Agent

Most wildlife represent beneficial natural resources, yet overabundance of native species, increases in proximity of wildlife to human populations, and introduction of invasive species may result in damage to crops, livestock, property and natural resources.  As human populations increase and expand, wildlife damage issues have become more prominent. Fortunately, most wildlife damage problems can be solved by applying preventive measures including modifying habitat, creating barriers, and using repellents.  In some situations, removal of individual animals may be necessary.  

To help aid livestock producers with nuisance wildlife strategies the Carter, Elliott, and Lewis County Extension Offices partnered with the Southeast Kentucky Sheep Producers Association to offer a predator control workshop on April 1st at the Carter County Extension Office.   During the day long event producers learned about nuisance wildlife laws, exclusion techniques, guard animal care and management, and black vulture control from University of Kentucky Extension, Kentucky Department of Agriculture Office of the State Veterinarian, and Morehead State University professionals.  Representatives from the United Trappers of Kentucky were also on site at Larry Knipp’s farm to show participants proper predator hunting, trapping, and snaring techniques.  The day also included a lamb lunch and a display of small ruminant farm products.   Additional sponsors of the event included Tarter and Paris Stockyards.  

If you are experiencing wildlife issues and were unable to attend the workshop, know that a variety of programs and agencies in Kentucky provide assistance and information on managing wildlife damage problems.  If wildlife is causing crop or other property damage check out the University of Kentucky Department of Forestry and Natural Resources Extension website at https://forestry.ca.uky.edu/wildlifedamage for publications and resources.   

Educational programs of the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service serve all people regardless of economic or social status and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, creed, religion, political belief, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy, marital status, genetic information, age, veteran status, or physical or mental disability.

Upcoming Events:  

  • Ag Advancement Council – April 17th @ 4:00 PM  
  • Eden Shale Farm Tour – April 18th – Call 474-6686 to register.    
  • Group Mineral Order -The Northeast Area Livestock Association is accepting orders as part of their summer and fall mineral order through April 20th.   Call 474-6686 for more information.    


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