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Wit, Wisdom and Other Stuff labeled “storyteller supreme”

The Jesse Stuart Foundation has released Wit, Wisdom & Other Stuff by Keith Kappes. The book is a collection of 125 commentaries Kappes wrote for a variety of community and regional newspapers in Eastern Kentucky during his long, award-winning career in journalism.

Mark Maynard, managing editor of Kentucky Today and former editor of the Ashland Daily Independent, says, “Keith is a storyteller supreme who uses his wit and wisdom to get the point across in entertaining fashion. He knows how to give you a good belly-laugh or pull at your heartstrings, sometimes in the same story.  You will come away feeling better for having read this delightful volume of work.”

Wit, Wisdom & Other Stuff follows Kappes’ other collection of commentaries, The View From My Keyboardpublished by the JSF in 2019. Both books are available from the JSF for $20 per copy and can be ordered by calling 606-326-1667 or purchased online at jsfbooks.com.

Keith’s books also are available at Amazon.com.

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