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Grayson is Kentucky’s Newest Gig City

Steele, Webb, Flannery, Other Notables Join Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

GRAYSON — Nearly 1,400 Grayson homes and businesses are now, for the first time, equipped for high-speed fiber internet, a result of a public–private partnership between the Grayson City Council and Kinetic.

Grayson leaders and Kinetic representatives are participating in a ribbon-cutting celebration today to mark the milestone for Kentucky’s newest gig city.

“Our council recognized the need for high-speed broadband and wanted to make the investment with our federal American Rescue Plan stimulus dollars,” Mayor George Steele said in welcoming Kinetic’s ultrahigh-speed fiber internet to the city. “We have enjoyed the partnership with Kinetic and look forward to being partners for years to come. This is a transformational day for our city.”

State Sen. Robin L. Webb, D-18th district, added: “The city of Grayson is on track to be able to market its high-speed broadband for economic development prospects. I look forward to working with community leaders to promote not only our beautiful city but now our access to fiber.”

Kinetic’s high-speed optical fiber technology gives Grayson “the ability to compete with any major city in the world for jobs,” she added.

“The Kentucky Legislature recognizes the need for high-speed broadband and passed legislation to promote rural broadband,” said state Rep. Patrick Flannery, R-96th district. “I would like to applaud city leaders and Kinetic for taking the initiative to provide fiber to the Grayson community.”

Kinetic invested $550,000 and the Grayson City Council contributed $250,000 of its American Rescue Plan COVID-19 stimulus money to bring the ultrafast gigabit broadband to Grayson. Kinetic started the upgrade project in December 2021 and completed it in June, five months ahead of the November 2022 completion date specified in the contract.

Gigabit broadband lets users download 1,000 megabits a second, which is 100 times faster than the average U.S. internet speed. Kinetic’s gigabit broadband runs on a fiber-optic line capable of much higher speeds than the traditional copper lines of most DSL and cable connections. It is also immune to radio-frequency interference that distorts video signals.

Kinetic’s Grayson investment is part of a multiyear, $2 billion capital investment strategy to dramatically expand gigabit internet service across Kinetic’s 18-state footprint.

The company recently broke ground on a new 30,000-square-foot regional headquarters at the University of Kentucky’s Coldstream Research Campus in Lexington, with construction expected to be completed by the end of the year.

As a result of Kinetic’s multistate network expansion, the company either has or will have fiber in every county it serves in Kentucky over the next couple of years. The company has invested more than $211 million in just two years to expand broadband access in the Commonwealth. 

“When we say, ‘High Speed for Here,’ we mean Grayson,” said Kinetic state operations President Brian Harman prior to the ribbon-cutting event. “We’re listening to our customers and making sure they get what they want, which is the best high-speed broadband internet experience at home and at work, reliably and without interruption.” 

Harman will be joined at the event by Steele, Webb and Flannery, members of the City Council and the Grayson Area Chamber of Commerce. Members of the public are also invited to the event at the city park.

Kinetic representatives will also be on hand to talk with residents and businesses and sign them up for service.

Customers may call 859-885-9795 to find out if they are eligible for a speed upgrade and how Kinetic can help meet their home or business needs.

The superfast, reliable fiber connections in Grayson empower residential customers to gig speeds to navigate the internet safely from home with no lag times while they work, participate in virtual classrooms, or stream entertainment services. Businesses from small to enterprise can take advantage of the fiber-backed network to deploy solutions that make their companies more efficient and profitable such as OfficeSuite UC® and SD-WAN.

To learn more, visit GoKinetic.com.



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