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Extension Notes: Bingocize

By: Whitney Morrow
Carter County Extension Agent

The Carter County Extension Agent for Family and Consumer Sciences, Whitney Morrow partnered with Christian Care Communities of Grayson to present Bingocize® at the Chapel House community room to both Chapel and Friendship House residents.

Bingocize® is an evidence-based health promotion program developed by Western Kentucky University that strategically combines the game of bingo, health education, and exercise. Groups met twice per week for eight weeks, with each 45–60-minute session consisting of exercises (range of motion, balance, muscle strengthening, and endurance exercises) and health education questions.  

May-June 2023, 27 participants attended the program. The participants noted satisfaction with the quality of the program and indicated that they had gained additional knowledge related to staying healthy while learning exercises they could practice and implement at home.

Congratulations to Ms. Carmen and William Harless for attending all twelve sessions! Phyllis Mullins, Kumiko James, Ruie Jackson, Rosetta McIntosh, Peggy Manning, and Lavonne Pitman were all recognized for having excellent attendance.

Participants have increased their amount of physical activity. They reported an increase in energy, improvement in mental health, and a better understanding of the prevention of illnesses.

Since the completion of the program most participants have continued their exercises at home and continue to find ways to be active each day.



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