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WWII vet honored by Legion: Post 138 recognizes Boggs for 75 years of service

By: Jesse Oney
for Carter County Times

 It was April of 1943 – 78 years ago – when a 19-year-old Clarence “Toot” Boggs left his home in Carter County for the war in Europe.

Boggs, who was born May 30, 1923 in Lawton, entered the U.S. Army on April 2, 1943, where he served as a light truck driver, a combat engineer, and in the infantry, among other jobs. 

“Jack of all trades, master of none,” Boggs teased. 

By the time he had turned 20 Boggs was serving in the European theatre. It was in the European theatre that the WWII veteran earned his American Campaign Medal and European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Ribbon, with five Bronze Stars for service at the Battle of the Bulge, at Ardennes, in the Rhineland, on Normandy Beach, and in Northern France. 

Boggs stayed with the Army through the end of the war – the war ended in Europe in May of 1945 and in the Pacific in September of that year – separating from the U.S. Army on November 13, 1945. 

He joined the American Legion Post 138, in Olive Hill, in 1946, and has been an active member ever since. 

The legion celebrated “Toot” on April 4, to recognize his 75 years of active and continuous service to the Olive Hill Post 138 American Legion. 

“We at the American Legion Post 138 would like you to help celebrate this great achievement to one of our Community’s and Country’s Hero,” the Legion said in a statement. “Clarence ‘Toot’ Boggs, thank you for your service to this country and thank you for being a member with the American Legion Post 138, Olive Hill, Kentucky.” 

Boggs will be, “98 years young” this May, Legion representatives noted, “and is still going strong.”

Additional reporting by Carla Fultz and Lee Fultz



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