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Looking for family

By: Jeremy D. Wells
Carter County Times

 Dwight Cimino isn’t from Carter County, but his family is. In a story common across the region, Cimino’s family left Kentucky for work in the north. In his case this mother “headed for Ohio” 75 years ago, and he was raised there. But Cimino’s links to the county remain strong. The self-described “second generation Webb from over on Smith Run Creek, near Olive Hill” even married a girl with Carter County roots – his mother introduced them by letter when he was serving in Vietnam. 

But, while doing genealogy research on their families, Cimino explained, his wife ran into a dead-end – her grandfather, Everett Stevens.

“I’m trying to put together a family tree, and when I get to Everett Stevens, I cannot find any further information,” Cimino said. What he does know about Stevens is that he was from around the Olive Hill area and “was born around 1905 or thereabouts.” 

“I would expect he and his family lived in the Emerson or maybe Rose Ridge area,” he added.

He also knows that Stevens was, at one point, in a relationship with Dessie Florence Riley, from near Emerson. He and Riley had a daughter, Mary Inez, but Riley later married Ezner Fannin and added two more daughters to their family, while Stevens went on to start another family as well. 

“I did have one source who said she believed Everett had one son and one daughter,” Cimino said. “The daughter’s name was Edith.” 

Cimino’s family trace their lineage to Stevens through Mary Inez, but that can’t find any more information than that. 

“The family tree looks really good on all the limbs but that one,” Cimino said, adding he really hopes that a local reader will have some more information on his wife’s family. 

“If (anyone) could shed any light on Everett’s parents, grandparents, (or any part of) his family tree, I would certainly be in (their) debt.” 

Cimino can be reached via email at cimino@midohio.net. 

Contact the writer at editor@cartercountytimes.com



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