Another calm weekend: Conversation and dialogue continue

 Dee Garrett was back in Grayson – and wearing body armor – on Sunday, but despite the controversial organizers return to town the peaceful atmosphere fostered the previous weekend continued. … Read More

Back to positive: BLM demonstrators reach out to counter-protesters

 Black Lives Matter rally organizer Denorver “Dee” Garrett was not in Grayson this past Sunday. Garrett had been arrested in Louisville late Saturday night on a number of charges, including … Read More

BLM rally more subdued, despite physical attack

Temperatures, and tempers, were still hot this past Sunday, but – with the exception of a brief altercation at the beginning of the march – neither seemed nearly as hot … Read More

Loud and ugly: BLM rally draws armed protests and racist hecklers

 There was no NFAC militia. There were no Bloods nor Crips. No New Black Panthers. What Grayson did see on Sunday, however, were a whole lot of white faces with … Read More

Black Lives Matter rally scheduled for Sunday: Counter-protest planned over social media

A Black Lives Matter (BLM) rally scheduled for Sunday in the City of Grayson has some on social media concerned about violence, looting, and rioting. Supporters of the rally, however, … Read More

God loves all the little children

“All Lives Matter,” chanted KCU student Dee Garrett while leading a peaceful rally against racial prejudice and police brutality in Grayson over the past two weekends, “but black lives are … Read More

Out of the mouths of babes

“We have to be nice to other people” “No bullying black people,” admonished Elizabeth, age 6. “We have to be nice to other people.” This simple wisdom from the lips … Read More

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