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Arrest made in Olive Hill stabbing

One man stabbed and second cut on face in incident

By Jeremy D. Wells

Carter County Times

An Olive Hill woman is in custody after allegedly stabbing one man and cutting another in an unprovoked attack last week.

According to Olive Hill police chief Bruce Palmer the department received a call last Thursday at 2:15 p.m. from a residence on Sapphire Drive indicating that a male subject had been stabbed.

When officers arrived they discovered a male subject with a stab wound in the upper left shoulder, a second male subject with a cut to the face, and a female subject fleeing the scene.

Palmer explained that when the first subject, Clifford James, was stabbed, several inches of the knife apparently broke off in the wound.

“Broke, I want to say, three and a half or four inches off in his shoulder.”

The female subject, Billie Binion, then allegedly used the remainder of the knife to cut a second male, Clyde James, across the face.

Palmer said the two victims told police the attack was completely unprovoked. According to them they were having a conversation with Binion when she stabbed Clifford with no warning.

Palmer said that during her flight the female subject went over and through a barbed wire topped fence, stripping off her outer shirt, escaping into the woods for a short time.

Palmer said officers were unable to safely pursue the subject over the fence so he, assistant chief Porter, and officer Allgood and K9 Maverick gave chase while officer Richmond, the first officer to arrive on the scene, stayed to contact EMS and provide medical assistance to James. While waiting for EMS to arrive, Palmer said, Chad Manning with Olive Hill Fire and Rescue arrived on the scene to provide care and packed the wound.

Because they were unable to pursue the subject over the fence, Palmer said, officer Allgood brought out Maverick in an attempt to track her down while Palmer and Porter searched different areas near where the subject scaled the fence.

“We separated and went to search different areas. Two of my guys went in one direction, another went another direction,” Palmer said.

Palmer was the first to locate Binion, making contact within an hour of her flight from the scene.

“I initially was going to follow them out and come up the other side of Mills Branch, and I just turned to the right instead. I just thought, ‘Well, I’ll go up here to the end of Honey Lane,’ at this field that goes up to Blueberry Ridge, and on the way up there she was, hiding behind one of the other houses.”

“I came across her and she was verbally non-responsive,” Palmer continued.

She also resisted arrest, he said, and had to be “subdued and restrained.”

“She was non-compliant across the board,” he said.

Binion is currently housed in the Carter County Detention Center on charges that include first degree assault, first degree fleeing or evading police on foot, resisting arrest, and third degree assault on a correctional employee.

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